Daniel Lubetzky


We care about people and the environment. We strongly believe that our everyday purchases can have a positive and empowering impact on our own wellbeing and communities around the world. As conscious consumers we have the power to contribute to a cycle of empowerment that is sustainable for people and planet.   So we took a lot of time to look for innovative, quality-focused companies that also operate in a conscious manner. We found likeminded people that share our ethics and our dreams for the future. They share our vision to offer products that have a positive and meaningful impact on the world and the consumer. Together we can bring the human balance back in brands and businesses. Because, no one should be exploited for the things we buy.


Feliz does not carry a ‘signature style’, instead we curated products, services and collaborations from all over the world that we truly love and believe in. Full of soul, well-made and filled with love and inspiration; that’s the signature feeling of Feliz! Behind all our products lies a heartfelt and authentic story. We choose to share these stories abundantly with you, because that’s how we fell in love with them in the first place. So deep breath in, leave your worries behind and just relax. We made sure that all our products make you feel very feliz about what your buying.


In the name Feliz lies the heart of our company. A ‘Happy Place’ where you can experience the joy of finding beauty, inspiration, pleasure and meaning in everyday and not so everyday life. So please feel at home, enjoy your time here, grab a wheatgrass juice, double espresso or open a bottle of red wine. If you care for a music experience, go ahead and turn on the Spotify music-player below and enjoy our Feliz vibes! We are based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A beautiful medieval town set around canals, filled with the vibrancy and free spirited energy of student life. Literally a happy place!