Arriba chocolate is the equivalent for The Best Ecuadorian cacao. Only 6 % of the world’s cacao production is seen as top quality, also called Fine or Flavor Chocolate. Ecuador being the leader in production of these first class flavorful cacao beans.

Chchukululu 80% Arriba is made of cacao from the farm of Alberto Barzola in the Guayas Province. You can see him smiling proudly on the packaging.

Ingredients: Pure cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, no cocoa butter, no lecithin, no vanilla flavor.

Suitable for a Vegan Lifestyle

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Chchukululu ‘Singing Bird’, in Kichwa (Inca language), was the first fine bar made in Ecuador in 2004. It is produced with Cacao Nacional that grows along the Arriba Zone, where hundred-year-old trees have preserved the genetic characteristics of this Unique Heritage Cacao. These trees have created cacao forests where flora and fauna interact, giving as a result a sustainable, environmentally friendly ecosystem, sharing a biodiverse space free of chemicals and pollution.
For more than 400 years, Ecuador exported only Cacao beans, 10 years ago Chchukululu marked a milestone, it opened a path, now followed by many other brands. It revalued Ecuador’s cacao by giving farmers better trade conditions, fare price, recognition and respect also providing pleasure and happiness to those who enjoy chocolate.

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