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An artful alchemy of gut friendly superfoods in the form of magic dust.


When it all seems to fall apart, find the courage with rest.
If your work-life balance feels not so balanced, regain your inner calm with slow sips of EQUILIBRIUM and slowly but surely regain your stability.

Taste notes:
A delicate embrace of full-bodied, creamy earthiness and crisp, subtle sweet fruity tones.

Ingredients: organic ceremonial grade matcha, organic freeze dried jujube (red dates), 2.5 billion CFUs of bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086 live cultures per serving.

Each box contains 16 Equilibrium sachets + 8 organic unrefined coconut sugar sachets

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How to use:
Choose your favorite way
1. sprinkle “Magic Dust” in a cup, pour hot water very slowly, like a steady skinny waterfall, allowing the Dust to force steep as well as get a good swirl.
2. sprinkle “Magic Dust” in a bottle, add hot/cold water, juice or a smoothie, shake and drink up!
3. sprinkle “Magic Dust”” on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!  we mean it, from your chicken soup during lunch or your midnight ice cream run.

More about the ingredients:
GanedenBC30® is a patented, well researched strain of spore-forming probiotic –  similar to a seed, its genetic material is protected by a hard shell.
This spore safeguards the probiotic from the heat, cold and pressure of manufacturing processes, allows for stability during the product shelf life and protects the cells from the acid and bile which they are exposed to during transit through the digestive system. Once it is safely inside the small intestine, the probiotic germinates and colonizes to provide benefits.
Most probiotics are extremely fragile and thus few cells survive digestion to populate the intestines, while this strain was designed by nature to survive and thrive in conditions other probiotics cannot.
Premium Kyoto ceremonial matcha
vitamin A, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, Vitamin E, vitamin K , 137 x super antioxidant activity compared to green tea, amino acids such as L-theanine and theophylline, sustainable caffeine(as compared to coffee).
Freeze dried jujube dates
20 times more vitamin C than any citrus fruit, 18 of the most important amino acids, which aids in the formation of more than 50,000 proteins in the body, one of which triggers the wound-healing process, eight flavonoids in jujube fruit, including spinosin and swertish, which have sedative properties.

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