Friend of Friends

The Bestseller, Now International

Editors: Freunde von Freunden, Frederik Frede, Tim Seifert, Torsten Bergler
Release Date: October 2014
Format: 22 x 30 cm
Features: 336 pages, approx. 350 color images, hardcover
Product details: Published by Distanz
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-95476-008-4

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About this book:
After the great success of “Freunde von Freunden—Berlin,” the interview magazine FvF now ventures outside the Berlin universe. A new book presents “Freunde von Freunden—Friends”: 57 creatives before the backdrops of the cities where they live and work—Amsterdam, Antwerp, Auckland, Barcelona, Beirut, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, the Catskills, Frankfurt, Lima, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Mililani, New York, Paris, Portland, San Francisco, São Paulo, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Vienna. Once again, intimate shots of interiors are complemented by breathtaking glimpses of, say, the skylines of New York or Beirut. The sitters’ diverse ideas about living are reflected in their widely different apartments and houses: an urban oasis at the heart of Tokyo, a self-designed villa in São Paulo’s green outskirts, a fishing boat turned houseboat at anchor in San Francisco; other portraits were taken in the countryside, in romantic settings surrounded by blossoming nature. The collaboration between photographers, editors, and networkers all over the world directed by FvF has produced authentic insights into the international creative scene. The subjects are trendsetters like actors, architects, artists, collectors, designers, DJs, editors, entrepreneurs, gallery owners, illustrators, and photographers. With a preface by Markus Peichl, founder of the legendary magazine Tempo.

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